NineCulture celebrates the love of sport and living an active lifestyle inspired by the rhythm of music. The number 9 symbolizes divine completeness and conveys the meaning of finality. Derived from the nine daughters of Zeus, its symbolism is represented across global bodies of knowledge and the arts, especially poetry, literature, dance and music. This is what inspires us to perform at our highest level and in the world of competitive sports nothing inspires performance more for athletes as much as music. It is our muse.


At NineCulture, we aim to elevate the impact of this culture of rhythm and its influence on the global community. Awareness of these different cultures and ethnic diversity will show that we perform at a higher level with the inspiration of our musical ancestors. It brings to light our diverse backgrounds and shares how our heritage drives us to do our very best to achieve our goals. Whether that’s performing on the field, court, gym or our own living room.