We Limin Tee

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In the heart of Trinbago, under the vibrant canopy of pink and yellow poui blossoms, we “lime”—a cherished tradition of togetherness and friendship. In this comforting shade, we find solace and joy in each other’s company, sharing stories, laughter, and life’s rhythms. The poui trees witness our unity, reminding us of the strength in collaboration and the beauty of connection. As petals fall like confetti, every lime becomes a celebration of life, friendship, and the enduring magic of being together.

Made from lightweight and soft cotton fabric, this unisex high-quality tee is as comfy as stylish. The well-loved slouchy loose cut and the versatile earth-tone colors make it a wardrobe staple for all fashion forwarders. Another standout feature is the high-low slit hem that adds a touch of personality to your outfit.

Wash on the reverse side with neutral detergents. Do not soak, expose to the sun, and bleach. Iron, steam, or tumble dry at low temperature(max 30℃ or 90℉).